Annox Sports


We are a brand that excels in sports equipment. This mainly applies to surf and winter sports equipment, as well as electronics for use in sports. We work every year to develop and produce high quality equipment available to anyone and everyone who loves sports and outdoor activities.
The equipment that we primarily focuses on is surf and winter sports equipment such as wetsuits, change robes, ponchos and winter jackets, trousers and ski goggles. Of course, there is a lot more of other types of sports gear for both surf and winter sports – in addition, we improve our user-friendly action cameras with each passing year.

Annox – Founding and philosophy

We are a brand that collaborates to develop great quality equipment for other brands’ products. Our foundation has therefore come as an extension of an assortment for other popular brands such as NKD, NKX and Story. These brands each need equipment for their respective products, and this is where We come into the picture.
We started out with electronics in the form of action cameras, but then went on with water sports.
A demand for a higher quality and a greater focus on style and design, opened up a new market for Annox to venture into. There was a need for technically smart and quality wetsuits and ponchos / change robes at a better price, but with the same high quality. This is the cornerstone of Annox’s philosophy when it comes to their product design. Quality, price and design are the keywords for all Annox wetsuits, ponchos and change robes they offer in the market. 

Likewise, the same goes for our winter sports equipment, which is our latest product diversion since water sports. Here, we started developing top notch winter and ski jackets, as well as trousers, ski goggles and much more. All with quality, price and design as their common thread going forward.

Annox – Passion and goal

We are passionate about giving children and adults, who are sports-loving surfers, snowboarders, skiers and / or lively people, something completely through delicious and smart equipment at a really good and fair price. Their daily goal is to devise newer and better methods for their product development and thereby give everyone some improved quality gear for whatever sport you practice.
Whether it’s in the form of electronics, water sports equipment or quality gear for the winter sports, makes no difference to Us – We love all sports!