Annox Sports

Water Sport​

“Conquer the Waves”

Water sports is an extremely fun outdoor activity for everyone to try out. It’s as thrilling as it can be chilling. Both in the sense of epic suspense and casual fun times. However, as with every sport, you’ll need to pack a hefty punch of gear, but no worries. Annox got you covered with everything you need, be it quality wetsuits, neoprene shoes, gloves and hoods as well as waterproof dry-bags, vests and ponchos. Every single product by Annox is made of the best materials to ensure the high performance of the product itself, while also bearing the safeguarding of the environment in mind. 

About Annox Water Sport

Annox is a brand that excels in sports equipment. This mainly applies to surf and winter sports equipment, as well as electronics for use in sports. Annox works every year to develop and produce high quality equipment available to anyone and everyone who loves sports and outdoor activities.
The equipment that Annox primarily focuses on is surf and winter sports equipment such as wetsuits, change robes, ponchos and winter jackets, trousers and ski goggles. Of course, there is a lot more of other types of sports gear for both surf and winter sports – in addition, Annox improves their user-friendly action cameras with each passing year.

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